Path with Art, Art Home

Path with Art is a Seattle-based non-profit focused on the education and enrichment of Seattle’s most vulnerable communities. Working with adult students from all walks of life, PwA brings the highest tier of volunteer educators from across artistic disciplines together to provide free classes to those in need. With community partners, they leverage art as a an avenue for healing, and help to connect their students with valuable resources for housing and job training. 

For the past year, SABA has been donating time to Path with Art to design and develop their new Art Home. The project is on the first level of a new Plymouth Housing development near Seattle Center. The new space will include two new classrooms, a small theater and music space, a multi-function gallery space and Path With Art office space.

To increase the area that Path With Art has to work with in order to include all of the program they would like in their new space we were able to add a mezzanine for part of the office and more much needed storage space. Some of the goals of the project are to make sure the space is as flexible as it can be so it can accommodate changing educational programs year after year. The space is designed to facilitate expansion of both course and headcount. The new and improved space will, for the first time, allow PwA to host their own classes and exhibit the artwork from their students year round.