Confidential Client

At over 600,000 SF, this project is a convergence zone of new thinking for one of SABA’s major commercial clients. Our workplace strategy specialists worked closely with the client to refine and implement the client’s new workplace and design strategy in two Seattle-area towers.

The fundamental ideas guiding the project were connectivity and immersion. It was important to have a shared sense of space and energy for staff and visitors traveling across floors and traversing between buildings while creating spaces for teams and individuals to work quietly with a sense of privacy.

The thinking design concept was extended to the program, positioning vibrant community zones, conferencing, and kitchenettes directly off of the elevator lobbies. This creates opportunities for chance encounters between staff and visitors from other floors or buildings on the client's campus.

 At the building perimeter program is pulled away from the windows to create contiguous circulation around the entire floor, creating adjacencies between working spaces and a visual connection from end-to-end of the primary office tower. Between these interwoven spaces transition zones are demarcated by dynamic light fixtures, dimensional CNC routed plywood walls, and interactive environmental graphics.